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Welcome to Ingenuity, where your character imagination and immersion come to life!

Read the rules of our city.

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What is INGENUITY RP? We're an 18+ RP community coming from numerous cities and experiences putting together like minds to create what we like to say "your new home"! We pride in ensuring Serious and Immersive roleplay for all, so whether you're an experienced Roleplayer or starting out your story and need help breaking into the Roleplay world. We hope we can be that place for you! The airport opened its gates just a month ago and we already have numerous citizens flying on the daily! So, what are your waiting for?

✅Serious and Immersive RP

✅Active & Supportive Community

✅Round The Clock Development Work

✅Active & Experienced Staff / Admins


What does Ingenuity have to offer you may ask?

Plenty of Imported Vehicles🚗

Realistic Economy 🤑

Hidden Drugs 💊

Custom Housing & Interiors 🏡

Player Owned Businesses 📊

Active Police & EMS 👮🏥

Whitelisted Gangs 🔫

Starting Apartment 🏚

Starting Cash $50k 💲

Local Jobs to earn some more money ⚒


Are you wanting to own a business in our fine city or work at one? We have plenty of opportunity to expand your horizon and give your services in San Andreas. Maybe you're looking for a whitelisted position and work for the government? Fly in to see for yourself and work your way to management or even entrepreneurship!

  • San Andreas State Troopers
    • Patrol
    • Traffic Enforcement Unit
    • Criminal Investigation Division
    • SWAT
  • Mount Zonah Medical Center (EMS)
  • Department of Justice
  • Uwu Cafe
  • Los Santos Customs
  • and many more to come!!!...

Criminal Masterminds

Is your story of a hardened criminal? We have plenty of things that your criminal can do to start their enterprise such as jewelry heist, Fleeca bank robberies, and larger scores with plenty of items to be obtained. All custom scripted with a series of skill-based challenges to build into your gain! Have yourself a standoff with police and negotiate your way out to a chase.

Are you ready?

Does this sound like the city and community that you would be interested in joining? Do the things we mentioned spark some interest? Please join the discord and get whitelisted today! Look forward to see every new person and becoming apart of our awesome community!


We’re back live and accepting whitelist applications in our discord!

Welcome in our newest MCs in the city! Come join in on the fun in our community! Click on the discord like to get whitelisted today!!! Discord

Folks wild with their ride, come fly in today!

Come party with us in city today! Join the Discord and submit your whitelist application today!!!

Happy Pride Month!!! Come join us in city today, we’re hiring for all departments (State Troopers, EMS, local businesses, etc.) Come join our Discord and submit your whitelist application today. We’re offering a welcome to the city package upon approval of your whitelist. We hope to see you in city!