[18+] Beyond Limits Story Based Roleplay server || Economy || Serious Story Based RP || Customizable Housing || Custom Clothes || Exclusive Scripts || Custom Cars || And more

Beyond Limits

Beyond Limits launching in April 2021 with a goal to create story based serious RP for the community and it’s players. It is a very new server and still growing it’s community.

We are a whitelisted server with an easy application process and a welcoming community. We are looking for top quality story RP, almost like interactive Television to immerse our players in the storylines they build and the characters they create.

We want to help people evolve their roleplay, push their creative limits and build something great. We have customised our server to what fits us best, and added new features to help immerse yourself in the Roleplay.

Job Centre

A collection of jobs found in the heart of the city with a custom UI

:recycle: || Garbage Job - Designated area for cleaning.

:truck: || Delivery Hub - Three Choices with different pay tiers

:taxi: || Taxi - NPC Jobs OR Player job options too

:man_factory_worker: || Electrician - All around the map work with interactive work

:house_with_garden: || Gardener - Easy city based work to make money

:broom: || Cleaner - City based interactive work

Whitelist Jobs

Each Whitelist job is gainable by RP’ing it out in the city

:oncoming_police_car:|| Police - New MRPD MLO, doorlock system with sharable keys and there own custom car pack and uniforms.

:ambulance:: || EMS - Multi-option Hospital with their own computer system and medical records. Custom handling cars/ambulance and multiple hospitals for multi ran options.

:house: || Realtor - Real estate and interior design.

:grapes: || Vineyard - Coming soon - Wine making. Own MLO and interactive work.

:wrench: || Mechanic - A specific job for mechanics, there own phone line. Set Up contracts for Police/EMS and no extra cost to buy vehicles. Also, a specific mechanic shop to buy needed crafting items.


:trinidad_tobago: || Inventory - Hot bar and click inventory. With tied in trunk, glovebox and drop options.

:coffee: || Food & Drink - Personalised Food and Drink depending on what MLO/Shop/Bar you go to. And alcohol has the specific item to go along with the drink. With many MANY unique stores.

:red_car: || Multiple Vehicle Shops - Different Vehicle Shops for different things. Spread around the map for more RP opportunities and interactions

:racing_car: || Custom cars - As stated in the mechanic section we have a lot of import cars and they have custom handling unique to New Chance.

:house_with_garden: || MLO’s - There’s a lot of MLO’s around the map to help enhance RP and storylines. From Houses, bars to PD and Hospitals.

:womans_clothes: || Custom Clothing/Hair - Hours of time and effort has been put into our clothing and hair. Some unique items to our server too. You can EASILY customise your character to your liking with our options

:houses: || Custom Housing - Housing System to purchase any property, business, home, anything with a wide selection of shells

:shopping_cart: || Independent Shops - Options to own and run your own shop with whatever items you want. Robbable and fully operational with CCTV options down the line.

:hammer_and_wrench: || Independent Mechanic Shop - Buy and run your own mechanic shop.

:man_artist: :woman_cook: :man_astronaut: || Multiple Characters - Up to 6 unique Characters.

:desktop_computer: || Exclusive UI’s - Custom made by the server developer - new UI’s to help enhance the immersion.

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: :spiral_notepad: :newspaper: || Extra - Documents | Contracts | Witness statements | Public records | Lawyer Support | Criminal Activity | Advanced Drug System | Cayo Island | Leisure Activity | Advanced Emote System with menu |

And many MANY more, such as drivethru system, new key system for cars and as soon garage system coming as well.

Beyond Limits RP

If you would like to be a part of a new and upcoming community, check out our website and remember to join our discord.





Cringy Promo Video:


Confirmed - Launch is the 2nd of April 2021. Official Launch Date



:raising_hand_man:Multi Jobs Up to 3, but currently any 2 jobs.

:drop_of_blood:Evidence Collecting To help immerse yourself more

:moneybag:Updated Boss Menus Fully customisable and slick

:oncoming_police_car:New Police Dispatch Own callsign, usable ui, attending call notifications and more

:money_with_wings:More Criminal Activity Wide variet for small time to hard core crims.

:desktop_computer:Custom made scripts Made for this server, new UI’s, new garage system onway and more

:houses:And New/Latest interiors and more to come



:shopping_cart:Independent Shops Own your own shop and stock it, make good investments and money.

:hammer_and_wrench:Independent Mechanics Own your own mechanic shop, fix individual parts, have a custom MLO and custom clothing.

:movie_camera:CCTV and Dispatch New CCTV cameras and dispatch system for cops.

:convenience_store:New Store Robberies New store robberies, chance of cashier fighting back, mini games and fun.

:bank:New Bank Heist Very different than anything out there, very detailed and intricate.

:house:Robberies and crime activity From Houses to Graves to Prison activity.

:construction_worker_man:New and improved Job Centre Updated all Job centre jobs, with more to come.

:card_index:Updated UI’s Updated Car HUDs, Health/Food/Water Huds, and Progress bars. All customisable to the players liking.

And so much more added



:iphone: :New Phone system With FaceTime, saving GPS locations and many more.

:police_car: :Updated PD New systems, new cars, and soon to come new clothing and K9-Unit.

:bank: :CCTV and Dispatch Brand new heists/robberies for low crim activity to Big organised crim acitvity.

:convenience_store:New Store Robberies New store robberies, chance of cashier fighting back, mini games and fun.

:bank:New Bank Heist Very different than anything out there, very detailed and intricate.

:house:Wide variety of housing/business options More housing shells to choose from.

:womans_clothes: :New Clothing Updated Clothing UI with pictures, more options and an extensive selection of new clothing for male and female coming soon.

And so much more added