[$1] Vehicle Vortex+ - An advanced vehicle spawn menu

Introducing “Vehicle Vortex” by Creative Solutions x OCRP - the Most Advanced Vehicle Spawn Menu for FiveM.

Tired of scrolling through endless menus to spawn your favorite vehicles in FiveM? Vehicle Vortex has got you covered! With its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, you can quickly and easily spawn any vehicle you desire.

But that’s not all - Vehicle Vortex also allows for customizable categories and subcategories, making it easy to organize your vehicle options and find what you need. And with ace permissions baked in, you can control who has access to the spawn menu and which vehicles they can spawn.

Experience the power and flexibility of Vehicle Vortex for yourself and revolutionize the way you spawn vehicles in FiveM.

Purchase ($1) : https://creative-solutions.tebex.io/category/099-scripts


Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 678
Requirements GitHub - ThymonA/menuv: FiveM menu library for creating menu's with NUI
Support Yes

can you share the config?

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The config is in the file when you purchase the script.

is there a way to create subclasses? like Audi then suvs sedans etc? also can i bind it to an keyboard key?


Thanks for that added feedback, You could essentially do this and have a copy of my script where instead of vehicle categories like civilian, you’d have it vehicle brands where then you could do the classes. However you’re unable to have keybinds at the moment, we’re adding that in V1.1

menu doesn’t even work, contact my discord “copylink” no tags

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Sent a request to you

can u add me on discord just keeps saying u dont have permission to use the car spawner
my discord is ldogn1 no tags

You need to set the ace permission within the configuation, V2 of the script will be coming within the next month or two.

My discord can be found on the tebex product page

it doesnt do it mate we have been trying for ages

i cannot find ur discord on ur tebex neither will it let me set a ace permission do we have to use ur ace perms?

My discord is: vexoa

It works with normal and my ace permissions

Do i need to add vehicle spawn code on config or it detects from folder?

You need to add it in the configuration file.

New Update

  • Added Keybinds (Fixed the old bugged version of it)
  • Automatically filters and sorts categories alphabetical (This makes the UI look better)
  • Fixed 15 bugs with the script.

Updated has now been pushed live.

I had a question about the permissions part of this script. Is there a discord i can join to get assistance?
I have sent a friend request on discord.

You should’ve received support if you added me :slight_smile:

Can’t get this working, you should at least put instructions in the file if it isn’t a drag and drop lol

Never-mind, I ended up figuring it out so far - a little bit.

Can I not change the Keybind or add new categories?

is there a way to simply pull from a vehicle pack file in my server resources