1 only

How do i add everything into 1 file that way i dont have to do start resource
start dad start

Say what?

  1. Put all .lua files into one folder
  2. Add all .lua files to the __resource.lua
  3. ???
  4. Profit

thx and also i would like to add something so when you spawn you have a cricle and you can spawn a car did anyone make it yet ?

I have no idea, but if no one did, it is incredibly easy to make that.

The logic being: Create a marker around the spawn point of the player, when being in a certain range of the marker if the player presses a certain button, spawn the vehicle.

Can you make it im a ped guy not script

Have a go before asking others, and when you say PED guy do you model the peds or retexture them?

I model the peds why

I mean I do both because the ones I make with zmodler I make the textures for so Yea

Can I ask you a quick question, when adding things on to a ped is there anything you need to do other than fit it correctly? I know how to replace components and export the ped just whenever i add something it crashes :confused:

Be aware that combining several resources into one can cause unforeseen issues. This can be even worse if they’re poorly coded. For example, if two scripts have a function or variable by the same name, and they are global functions or variables (which is default by Lua unless specified as local), you’re gonna have a bad time. Be sure that all variables and functions are uniquely named, and make sure only functions and variables that need to be globally accessible by the resource are not local. Typically, having the resources separate segregates them and restricts access to global values, which is what typically prevents these issues.

Me what i do is the same as the replace except that i rename like the componet name to the number or letter above. Ive only done it one and it was a test