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Truth Or Dare

Preview: Preview Video

Goal Kicker:

Preview: Preview Video

NPC Interaction:

Preview: Preview Video

Text UI:

Preview: Preview Video

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Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +5000
Requirements No
Support No

Link broken?

Please fix the download link, reply when you have done so.

Download Link is fixed

is the prop included for the goalkicker

Where can we get 0r_lib? It’s a dependency for truth or dare.

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Doesn’t seem like it…

prop is quadria_soccergate

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um so what happens to the people that have PAID for these scripts? i own Truth Or Dare

Hi open ticket and tag me @adeztr

The npc interaction and goal kicker preview links are swapped with each other just to let ya’ll know

We need to prop for the goal kicker and also need 0r_lib for truth or dare.

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:boom: where is the ---- dependency ‘/assetpacks’ ???
how can find it?

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thanks fot this, i will try this tommorow

We added goalkicker props script.

for esx?