[ZO] Zombie Outbreak Framework

Zombie Outbreak V 0.6.5

Zombie Outbreak is a Zombie Surival RPG Framework, you will must survive and fight against hordes of zombies to ensure your survival.


  • Synchronized zombies
  • Vehicles abandoned
  • Safe zones
  • Identity creation
  • Skin creation
  • Inventory system


You need see a video? No problem

(Video from ZO v0.6.5)
Video is broken?, take this https://streamable.com/xpue7w



Is it possible to make these zombies more aggresive and faster?

Nice job Dislaik.

Idk what you mean, but you can see these configurations in Client/Config/Config.cs

public class Config
    public static dynamic PlayerSpawn = new { X = 456.9026f, Y = -991.0045f, Z = 29.6895f, Heading = 90.0f };
    public static int ZombieHealth = 250;
    public static int ZombieDamage = 20;
    public static bool ZombieInstantDeathByHeadshot = false;
    public static bool ZombieCanRagdollByShots = false;
    public static float ZombieDistanceTargetToPlayer = 25.0f;
    public static bool ZombieCanRun = false;
    public static int PercentageVehiclesUndriveable = 90;
    public static bool Debug = false;
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Love to see a standalone version of this. Already have a whole server built around ESX, even if this was better I unfortunately couldn’t use it.

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This looks interesting, nice to see the zombie community growing again, hope you keep on working on it!

On a side note: Me gusta que salga mi servidor en el último que hayas jugado jaja

I have always wanted to have a side project/server like this however the default map setting just does not fit the zombie setting and the zombie maps that are out there tank the FPS.

Finally! a Gamemode Completely in C# . thanks man :heart:

why i cant see zombies?
i did all thing with readme.md file.
there is no zombie


Probably you didn’t correctly

whare edit safe zone?

how’s it going with the script? was wondering on any updates and info about the inv system and loot :sweat_smile:

Hello! What can i do if when i want to join to server when i uploaded script and changed everything in .sql but i get this infobox: " Failed handshake to server IP - transfer closed with outstanding read data remaining - CURL error code 18 (Transferred a partial file). " and automatically shutdown the server " FXServer crashed. "

[SUGGESTION] Add an ESX style of inventory where the zombies carry random things on them that can be used in an economy

Un Grande Dislaik Se que trabajaste duro con este script por tiempo y verte en el top es GENIAL
Felicitaciones! :smile: (Soy J stark de tu discord)

Can I somehow use this with ESX?
Or please make a standalone version that’s compatible.