ZENITH RP | discord.io/zenith-rp | New ESX City | Custom Cars | Balanced Economy | $25,000 Starting Cash | Drugs & Gangs | Active Staff & Devs | Casino | Court System |

Check out this viral TikTok from Zenith RP. It’s pushing 550,000 views!

If you like what you see, we have multiple law enforcement agencies hiring, and quick turn around on interviews.

Join our Discord for more info! [https://discord.io/zenith-rp]

What We Offer Police:
Custom EUP with Custom Vests and Belts: You can finally live out your Patty Mayo fantasies.

Custom and Highly Detailed Police Cars (They utilize lots of Comic-Sans)

Hands-On, Non-Academy Based Training: Unless you like sitting in a classroom with an 11-year-old for 10 hours.

Custom Station Interiors (You can shower with other men.)

Multiple Hiring Agencies (Mostly equal opportunity employers. No unemployment claims here.)

What We Offer Civilians:

  • Wide Variety of Custom Cars
  • Endless Possibilities for Properties
  • Dynamic Economy
  • Lots of legal Job Options
  • Player Ran Businesses and Stores
  • Robust Drug Sales System
  • Whitelisted Mechanics
  • Organized Gangs and Criminal Organizations