Hello everyone, today I offer you the BMX script in item!

You don’t have to leave the BMX you can put a scorcher or a car! As long as the vehicle is in item, you can spawn it from your inventory!

:warning: I haven’t tried for qbcore! Let me know if it works correctly!


Download 1
Download 2

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 168
Requirements es_extended or qb-core
Support Yes


Zb_BMXItem 1.0.1

Add :

  • Protect
  • If Config.Item nil then spawn bmx
  • If Config.Framework then send print
  • If Config.TakeAll If true then you can pickup all bmx

Zb_BMXItem 1.0.2

Add :

  • The vehicle must be stopped to be recovered
  • You can now choose between several notification types

You can download again if you want !
I’ve made an update !

Good work!

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Thanks :grinning:

QBCORE not available

Thanks i go to made an update

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hi nice work can you make way to add more items

Thank you, yes no problem ! I tried with sultan on item and it work :grinning:

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yes but as i can see i can only set one item on the config

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You must add it back to your database and modify the Config.Item

yeah but i want to add like bmx sultan adder and more on the config but i dont know if it work

looking forward to update

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Hello, the update is coming tomorrow ! Sorry for the time !

There’s just one trick I’d modify to make it easier to define the framework !

full of anticipation