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Discord: YourVision RP β€’ FiveM
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:earth_americas: YourVision Roleplay :earth_americas:

:interrobang: WHO WE ARE!? :interrobang:
YVRP is a FiveM RP server based off the QB-Core framework. We strive to RP the way we vision our experience to be! Join us to see something new!

Male and Female friendly! :couple:

:palms_up_together: WHAT WE OFFER :palms_up_together:
β–Έ Realistic Police Experience with multiple departments to choose from.
β–Έ Full evidence and investigation system with multiple evidence lockers at all stations. (Bullet shells, Blood Drops, DNA, Fingerprints, Blood types and more!
β–Έ Realistic Civilian Experience with great opportunities to go the legit route or take the criminal path.
β–Έ Intricate EMS system with hospitals.
β–Έ Opportunities for business owners!
β–Έ Opportunities for gangs with a full gang system!
β–Έ Realistic player damage system!
β–Έ Realistic and fair economy!
β–Έ Lots of items including food, tools, and hunting items. The list goes on.
β–Έ Housing and Apartment system with real estate jobs!
β–Έ Tax system with tax brackets! Rates are regulated by the government!
β–Έ In-game Government system with elections!
β–Έ In-game Court system with opportunities to become a lawyer or Judge!
β–Έ Add on cars with dealerships!
β–Έ Custom EUP, Liveries, Police Car Packs and 3D models!
β–Έ Over 100+ interiors! Most of them have purpose and jobs!
β–Έ Realistic Prison system with correctional officers and jobs to reduce sentences.
β–Έ Customizable Crafting system.
Very in-depth drug system! Drugs we have are Weed, Rosin, Coke, Meth, Oxy and more!
β–Έ Ability to sell drugs to NPCs. Some will call the police on you.

:department_store: DEPARTMENT WE HAVE :department_store:
β–Έ San Andreas State Police
β–Έ Los Santos County Sheriff’s Office
β–Έ Los Santos Police Department
β–Έ San Andreas Fire & EMS
β–Έ San Andreas State and Local Government
β–Έ San Andreas State Court system
β–Έ San Andreas Barr (Become a Lawyer)
β–Έ Business Ownership
β–Έ Registered Gang

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Very good community! been apart of if for 2 months

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very good server! having a great time so far! everyone is super friendly and there is lots of very realistic roleplay going on :smiley:


This is a great community! Love everyone I RP with. Always great realistic RP.



  • Added 40 Import Cars, 15 have been added to the Used Car Dealer
  • Added Haters Interior. (Get skateboards here.)
  • Added Outfit Bag as an Item. (Available at haters, Command no longer works.)
  • Fixed Money wash, Target window in city hall