You can put lipstick on a pig....still a pig

Are you looking for a serious RP server that is on par with the names you are used to hearing? One that is run by admins that have the city interest at heart and not the desire to WIN for them or their boys? A city where the admins don’t constantly watch you while you are going about your daily activities? If so, then this is not the city for you, sadly. It is a city where the admins have the ultimate power, monopoly, and control on the high aspects of the RP. Their tact and lack of RP is an abomination to the RP world and shows why the city never grows beyond the core 10-15 players. Potential is there but other things get in the way. Sad to see the potential not maximized and the server owner has to be the first review. Should show you the level of control they feel needed in teh city.


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