[YMAP] Moved 3d Fire Station with 3ds edits

Thanks guys. I am trying to learn 3ds so I can import/export models like he used here. I have a cabin but the textures are being dumb as hell.

Could you PM me please.

So I figured I would show everyone an update on this fire station.

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Has the double one been released yet? Saw something, but seems like it’s been removed.

It has, but it still has a major bug, I got two out of 3 problems with it fixed.

I’ve been working on a good fire station for quite a long time, i will give this one a try, Good work :+1:

How did you move it because I want to move ymaps?


How do you select multiple items at once to make it quicker

ctrl click


I have specific permission to redistribute.

The download link isn’t working