X-Y-Z RP | 18+ | Whitelisted | Brand New | Lore Friendly

X-Y-Z RP is a new FiveM server that is trying to expand its community. We are currently seeking LEO Departments Staff and have plenty of employment openings. For the time being, we are still in development, but we are working hard to make things the best they can be so that everyone may have a pleasant and pleasurable experience!

Serious RP • Customizable Crafting system. • A really detailed drug system! We have weed, coke, meth, oxy, and more drugs! • Bank Robberies • Jewelry Store Robberies • Custom & Friendly UI • Real estate jobs within the housing and apartment system! • Realistic Prison system using penal codes… to reduce & limit sentences. • Custom MDT & Dispatch • Enhanced Street Racing • Opportunities for business owners! • Opportunities for gangs in a fully functional gang system! • A Realistic Economy, including taxes, fines, item prices & more!** ••We are now recruiting for EMS and LEO candidates•• (edited)


We are looking for Department Leads for EMS & Police!

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Sounds dope!

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If you have state police like SAHP/SAST/SASP and if they need a department head, I would be interested in joining. You can find more about me here: 2 experienced department heads looking for a new community!


Bump!!! Looking for PD High Command and EMS