WYLDFIRE RP πŸ”₯ Fresh Wipe - Active Community

I love this server such an amazing management staff and dev team. This server will have to be popular everything in this server I have never seen in another city before!

More custom - WYLDFIRE exclusive content is rolling out daily. This is the place to be! Starting to hit in the 30’s on the weekends, with averaging 10 every day. With cops on!

We’re currently taking on LEOs - we’re accepting previous city experience to count towards promotions.
Also looking for EMS, and an EMS lead and admins!

Bring your group into WYLDFIRE and have an experience of a lifetime!

ooof this city is simply amazing!! great staff and dev team is on point!!! everything is custom and the rp is so great and genuine the people that are here welcome with open arms and are very helpful to new players so join now!! :fire: :fire:

Great city to play in. Highly recommended!

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City continues to grow by the day! Grab your friends and fly in! Running events to help boost your first time in.

Its a great Friday night! We’ve got some great RP going, and some good numbers. Fly in for some events, contest and giveaways!

Growing numbers! Push week this week! Contest, events, great times! Fly in for a fast growing city with a unique take on RP!

Amazing server, amazing staff! Having such a fun time in the city so far!