WW2 Reichskriegsflagge Flag Replacement

Well here is my first public release, only because I am not using it. Someone requested this as a joke, and I made it. Its a simple flag replacement. Yes Its exactly what it looks like. Replaces all american flags with this iconic WW2 flag.

drag, drop, add start ww2flag to your server.cfg
Mods, If this is not allowed, please feel free to remove it.


I mean, this is why I felt for FiveM community. They will always come up with “something” :smile:

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This is triggering us to do some war events.

Can you share the clothes also?

What a shame really for the creator of this shit and FiveM accepting this … TOS rules doesn’t accept to be paid for anything but nazi imagery is accepted because its is legal where forums are hosted … logic when you keep us…
i’m really badly suprised by this…


i cant tell if your hating on this post or not…

Not a good first release I must say. I’m very disappointed that you wasted your time on this but whatever. Very innapropriate in my opinion


Grow a pair and look away if it offends you.

Now if someone would make a mustache that would fit this…


Cool release, im sure it will be put to good use by someone.

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Please help me make a flag of Vietnam


It’s innapropriate so i flagged it, like come on.

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Why shouldn’t it be allowed? It’s part of history? So what if it’s a nazi flag people can’t just hide what Happened in the past…you can’t ignore history, this flag might represent an evil party but that’s no reason to remove it.


“It’s inappropriate” whaaaa whaaaaa.

You know what’s also inappropriate? The way seven million jews were murdered. It’s just a part of history, if you’re seriously that much of a snowflake that you have to deny it ever happened you have bigger issues than this (glorious) mod.


Not a big deal, I don’t find it offensive, it’s just a game and some will find it as a joke/a meme to have this in your server.

Someone could use this for a ww2 based game mode


Exactly, and if someone makes a good enough one, I will be sure to check it out because that sounds sick.

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I had the idea a while ago just so much note effort than it’s worth

looks nice :star_struck:

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They are pretty easy to make, I can make one then throw I can post a little flag creator tutorial/template.

lol, you “flagged” the post.

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Some people forget that FiveM is rp, and that WW2 gamemodes exist or even a wolfeinstein gamemode (Nazi in the modern world)