Wrong control icon


Using REGISTER_KEY_MAPPING I have set this key equals to M (my azerty M) and set it again to M manually. It works fine, the right key is pressed but it does not display the right key in the settings menu. (just like the bug we reported ~months ago)

Key mapping stuff (both custom ones as well as built-in) uses scan codes so ‘M’ in script would map to your ,. Not sure what else you’re expecting?

This is a built-in control bind to M

My custom one is also bind to M but it shows ,

That is not ‘bound to M’ normally. Pause is bound to P:


If you want to bind to M on a French keyboard by default, bind to KEY_SEMICOLON.

What I meant is that this is correctly binded except that it does not show the right key, while for built-in controls it shows the right key

I literally can’t reproduce this. If I use the following code while having the German keyboard layout selected, the pause menu shows Z, rebinding it still shows Z and pressing the Z key (in the German layout, ‘Y’ on my physical US keyboard) executes the related action as well:

RegisterKeyMapping('+handsup2', 'Hands Up2', 'keyboard', 'y')

(Y scan code has a physical label of Z in German keyboard layout)

Are you sure you’re not again confused that the mapping is supposed to be by scan codes as in your earlier post on this?

No I think I’m right

  • The keyboard key I press is M, every action binded to this key works with M but in custom layout it shows , while with built-in controls it shows the right M