Would VisualV work with FiveReborn?

I don’t know if this is the correct place to ask this, but would VisualV work with FiveReborn?
Honestly, I love that mod, but I don’t know if there’s some sort of compatibility problem I don’t know about here, so I’m asking before trying.

Can you provide a link please?

Yes it does work, i have it working just install it normally it.

@Bxbugs123 Where do I install the VisualV textures?

It comes with a openiv package installer just use that.

@Codex12 Didn’t know OpenIV worked with FiveReborn’s directories.

I have tried to use open iv and it works but it doesnt show in game?

@Cheese255 Try installing everything manually. Don’t know where textures go, but I put them in citizen\x64\textures.

umm it did work on original fivem but enb+reshade doesnt work only eather reshade or just enb works on original fivem so i think its the same for this aswell.

To install VisualV on Fivereborn, go to your client folder, then citizen\common\data, copy the timecycle folder from VisualV and visualsettings.dat to the data folder.

Do you install it in gta or fivem

All mods to be used with FiveM should be installed in FiveM, only exception being sound mods.