Would be possible to use this as gamemode?

I’d like to use this mod as gamemode, but I don’t even know if it’s possible

Forgot to put the link lol.

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@simonvic There is no link?

Added it :smiley:

@simonvic You could install it, however it wont be a real gamemode.

Hi, I’d like to try this but it’s not clear for me where to put .asi and .ini files. If I put the files in GTA 5 main folder the mod works in single player but If I try Fireborn I get the usual map. If I put the files in the plugins folder of Fivereborn I get a crash after I try to connect to my server. So which is the correct way, if one, to use the mods in Fivereborn (folders, settings and so on)?
Thanks in advance.

@epbort Put the ASI in the plugins folder and the settings files in your GTA folder.

Thank you Kanersps for you quick answer.
Unfortunately, following your directions, the mod doesn’t work (crash while connecting to my LAN server).
Maybe it’s non compatible with Fivereborn.
In the Plugins folder I have EnhancedReborn (trainer) and OpenInteriors (mod) and they both work.
Thanks again for this great piece of software.

Edit: I also tried OnlineEvents.asi but I get the same result. In single player works but with Fivereborn (.asi in Plugins folder and .ini in GTA V folder) nothing happens. The mod isn’t loaded at all. Another hint would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance