Worst server on FiveM -1000/10

  1. STAFF Are fucking Terrible

  2. If you are not a cop or a staff member you get treated like utter dog shit

  3. Cops Abuse their power and over use the drag and the cuff. So lets say you are about to drive off you create a pursuit they would just drag you out the car place you in cuffs, and their excuse for that is “ItS A sEmI ReAlIsTic SeRvEr”

  4. STAFF are always on a power trip and their egos are through the fucking roof.

  5. Owner/Nixx Treats his server like fucking dog shit, treats everyone like they live in fucking North Korea

  6. Whole server is one sided as fuck

  7. They all ways break character.

  8. CHILD ADMINS AND CHILD COPS. The child admins and cops know fucking nothing about LEO Rp and being a staff member I think Nixx should fucking delete the server.
    LIST OF BAD ADMINS: Charile S. Fat Bastard. Nixx him self. Basically every staff member except Pablo he is cool

So overall This server is fucking dog shit, played on it for around year as a cop and hated every moment of it


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