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We have just released our Quality of Life Update!


Have you ever wanted to cook food at your home, for other people, give them a nice home cooked meal and see them enjoy your food? Well this update is for you! With the kindness of the community, we have been able to carefully consider and put together the Cooking Script to make work with props around the city but also in your home! (Only works with GTAV Props at this time, a image thread of what props work will be posted soon)

With over 100+ Recipes to choose from, you can make homemade foods!

Additional to Cooking: (WIP)

Some unknown people have been working together tirelessly to create a concoction that incorporates blood bags and/or animal flesh (meat) that can be mixed with any food you have to create a Blood Infusion Meal/Drink or Flesh Infusion Meal/Drink. Of course for Kindreds, you can’t digest what you eat, and there will be some point during the evening when you have to heave it back up. This suggests that, even mixed with blood, you’ll still have to vomit the solid food up eventually; it’s a temporary fix to savor that blood you are fiending for. (This is not in yet as we are still configuring it up, we will announce when it is done!)

Prop Rework

Many things have been scattered across Los Santos! with a Camping store, Tents and more are now on sale! Beaches now offer Umbrellas to protect yourself from the sun and towels to lay on!

Farming Rework

Out with the old, in with the new, Paleto Bay has been given some love. Farming has boomed up there and is doing well for itself, Grapeseed is still somewhat thriving, with two farmers, one by Paleto, another in Grapeseed as well. Paleto has picked up Beehive’s and is now allowing people to harvest Honey! The farmers take care of the Bee’s and assist you in taking the honeycomb! With more to plant, you will be able to sell these to a local farmer for some extra cash! They take it in bulk! (Farming is still early days so please let me know if something is broken!)

Books + !

Wanted to create flyers or just a business card to give to people? or maybe print out a high quality photo? Los Santos has partnered with the State Library along with opening a small Print Store to offer people a place to print their items! This includes people interested in being a Author! You may create a book or simply a photo album!

New Business !

With a whole lot of business’s going through, This first wave consists of Restaurants and a few Unique business’s! Do not worry, we have a few more coming very shortly afterwards! You have not been forgotten!

Over 10 Businesses have been added into this wave! Please make sure everything is there and working. You still have your tickets open to converse with me to make sure everything is in working order!

We have a clothing update coming out soon! with fresh new clothes, also some exclusive to World of Darkness only!

Its so amazing to see our EU population grow as well! Welcome all!

The power shifts within Los Santos

The Camarilla have been elected by the Prince and are now in play. The Garou Nation have been selected by the Spirits and are now in play. They are watching, they are powerful, and they are ready to act… beware your actions.

World of Darkness is forever going through changes within stories and people’s lives, this includes a whole new wardrobe coming soon to show off our best looks within the nightlife of LS! Clothing update is just around the corner , with many choices to choose from, we cannot wait to see you all thrive in new designs.

A new big update is coming out soon! Get in while the servers hot!

We are currently searching for developers.
Please reach out if you are interested!

Server single handed ly making me love fivem RP again <3

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Lets just say I got accepted into some really big serious RP servers recently. And i still chose to spend my time in WoD. Interesting refreshing lore/setting, mixed with super friendly dev, admins and support staff. Honestly one of the best RP experiences i have had in a while.

Great server. Still waiting on the donkey update though, they’ve added horses but no sign of donkeys yet.

I don’t think I can ever go back to normal FiveM RP again. This server has opened up a whole new world of imagination and creativity for me and others, and you can just tell how much people are inspired by it. Never a dull moment. RP is EVERYWHERE.
Also, probably the greatest team of staff as well. Never felt more heard or included. It’s difficult to find any downsides to this place. I might be addicted.

I have been a part of Five M for the past 7 years and this server has helped me fall in love with the game all over again i didn’t understand anything about the World Of Darkness setting when i applied and only joined due to friends the community is great here and so is the staff team not understanding anything wasn’t looked down upon and honestly a lot of the community helped me learn still continues to this day everyone is so helpful and i dont want to play anywhere else anymore

Thank you all for the kind words!

Join us in a FiveM experience like never before!

The Nosferatu have invaded the sewers.
Where will you find yourself in the World of Darkness?