Working on a server-managing script for everyone

I saw a lot of people with almost no expirience in unix trying to get a server to work. They run the server as root, are installing it into /root or writing selfmade scripts that flood the server with messages without even knowing. Stuff could just be avoided.

So i am writing an easy to use manager for stuff like downloading, installing, managing and updating several servers. It checks for requirements, restarts the server to a given interval (if wanted), and much more. It will update itself so you will always have the newest version once installed and you can check the sourcecode online (once its up).

No coding needed. Just basic usage of a unix system (and everything will be explained).
It will take me a few days or so to finish but i hope you like the idea :slight_smile:

Sample pictures


:dizzy_face: :fallen_leaf:

:thumbsup: Looking forward to testing :slight_smile:

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… oh fucking god no. Please don’t make it any easier for people to host bad servers (like arguably your own is as well). Your web manager is horrid already, and the servers you are running also do not seem to be so well-acclaimed either.

Future releases will include a proper official deployment tool, without integration into the actual deployment workflow your tool is doomed to be outdated by then and people will come to us for support attempts with the weirdest possible questions.

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Oh wow, why so angry?
It’s not my fault that you didn’t include a proper managing system in the first place. We never know when your next update is or what it will include. How much time has passed by now and it’s your guys fault that there are so many bad servers.

Sure you give a little bit of instructions but that’s nowhere near what’s needed to get started with unix. You released the serversoftware with so many problems and all the one we had are either minor mistakes by us or major problems on your end. Our server is running just fine and the script I wanted to release is not related to ‘bad resources’ and problems that occur for example if your files are too big.

Get your shit done before complaining about me doing something you want to but haven’t done in all this time