WoodlandRP | 16+ | Transparent, Family-Oriented Community | High Quality Assets made In-House | Daily Patrols

– Woodland Roleplay –

Woodland Roleplay is a 16+, realistic vMenu server . Woodland RP maintains a mix of life & character based roleplay, with a focus on ensuring roleplay is done with a purpose. If you are looking for a community without ‘drama’ and good people, we recommend joining Woodland RP. We don’t, and will not tolerate any toxicity or drama. Unlike most communities, you can enjoy the company of like-minded people, and enjoy the actual role-play without the issues that often come with it. More then half of what drives people to WLRP is the environment outside of roleplay, members hang out in VCs 24/7.

– Why Choose Us? –

Community Advisor - First and foremost; we have a specialty ‘Community Advisor’ to help members communicate concerns to the community leadership team.“Community” Leadership - Our community leadership prides themselves on respect and transparency with the community, making them always open to input the community members have to offer.Realistic Departments - Here at WLRP, we pride ourselves on realistic roleplay including in-character department trainings, realistic department policies, custom penal code, and more!Legal System - Our legal system is operational and includes jobs as judges, attorneys, prosecutors, and more!

– Departments –

San Andreas State Communications Los Santos County Sheriff’s Office San Andreas State Police San Andreas Fire Department Civilian Department - The Civilian Department has no civilian ranks, no application, and reasonable activity requirements. Members of other departments may patrol as a civ, and are not obligated to make civilian activity requirements, however given the same abilities as any other civilian.

Interview Server: WoodlandRP Interview & Fan Server
Community Brochure: WoodlandRP | Community Brochure - Google Docs
Website: https://www.woodlandroleplay.com/

We are pushing 100 members in our interview server, come join us today!

Recent News:

  • We now have two patrols a day, one at 6:30pm EST and one at 8:30pm EST
  • Added Roxwood County, the Mile High Club, and so many civilian-based interiors
  • Regional Police now Los Santos County Sheriff’s Office
  • A true “community” feel, where members spend more time out-of-game interacting and hanging out in the VCs.