WonderRP //🔥 Facetime // Open Beta! // Looking for Serious Groups// SeriousRP // Unique Scripts // https://discord.gg/bC9dngj5Ea

Currently looking for more serious gangs to come into the city. If your looking to come in just join up whitelist is open!

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Actually a solid roleplay server - no whitelist applications required at this point of time. I been here for a month or so and I really enjoy it here. Not sure what to say but it is what it is. Definitely worth a try but I’d recommend a better computer setup than me, constantly having 20 fps in the middle of LS when server pop is way up then 60 fps when server pop is way down. (just my pc being :poop:)

Some screenshots I've been able to get from WonderRP:


MRPD and hospital:


Public jobs center:

Los Santos Customs:

A revolutionary trucking job:

and more I cannot show as there’s just too much content. To see more, join us on WonderRP.

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I don’t mean to sound rude, but at least I want to tell the truth that the server owner won’t.

A quick rundown of what and where WonderRP is at today:

WonderRP is dying out. Started out good but turned completely dead when the whole staff team and a few others left and made their own server.

Barbie (the server owner) decided to merge with a different community, so that happened and now the server owner of that community has decided to leave the merge because Barbie isn’t doing shit apparently. Barbie isn’t a developer and the only thing they’re good at is buying scripts for thousands of dollars and putting them into the server.

It takes 4-5 months to get a PD application response because no-one has the guts to tell you the results.

There are no community announcements being made so they leave us members left in the dark.

There’s also little to no transparency in the community so no-one except for a few selected people get to know all the truths and all the secrets. -Such as the other community server owner leaving the merge, message got deleted in staff chat so no-one else would know.

The community as I remember it used to be good, and probably still is. But from what I’m seeing is happening now, I feel like WonderRP has no potential in making a comeback unless the server owner and current staff do something about their current issues.