WonderRP //🔥 Facetime // Launch Feb 5th! // SeriousRP // Unique Scripts // https://discord.gg/bC9dngj5Ea

We have a large police force now. Still looking for EMS, Civs, and Gang Members join us!

New Updates!
New optimized clothing pack has been added

  • Benefits different more optimized/less lag causing clothing added.
  • More police uniforms
  • Custom Hair Styles and Beards

LSPD is now hiring new cadets or officers with experience! Come to the MRPD in-game for an interview. No experience needed!

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Getting ready for some more updates! Join up!

Tinder/ App store and so much more :fire: stuff will be added to the phone soon!

Just added a ton of new and unique things releasing February 5th!!

Gonna be dropping some more teasers soon. Join up :smiley:

Server has some really promising founders and devs, and was a joy to test with others. Scripts and elements of the server offer a unique play style and HUD elements that I have not seen anywhere else.

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Constantly keeping things up to date more optimizations added as of recent :smiley:

Were getting closer to launch we launch February 5th!

Just added in Mini Golf!