| Wolf Street Roleplay | Open Server | Custom Vehicles | Hiring EMS and LEO | Legal & Illegal Jobs | Mafia/Cartel | Whitelisted Jobs | Economy Server |

Hello all! We are a new RP server called Wolf Street RP and we are looking for people to help the community grow. We have custom scrips, custom vehicles, drugs, whitelisted jobs for legal and illegal jobs, custom maps, real estate, and quite bit more.

Server Name: Wolf Street / Direct Connect:
Discord: https://discord.gg/GTJUXmq
Website: https://wolfstreetrp.weebly.com/
Forum: https://wolfstreetrp.createaforum.com/index.php

Server Requirements

  • A Mic is Required

  • Have a mature attitude

All Departments are currently Hiring

Available Jobs

  • LEO in Highway, PD, and Sheriff

  • EMS

  • Trucking, Taxi, Lumberjack, Fisher, Courier, Pizza Delivery, Miner, and Mechanic

  • Mafia and Cartel Jobs

We have a custom CAD/MDT for LEO, Civ, EMS, and Dispatch

Each LEO Division has their own liveries and cars





A few of the custom vehicles

We would love to see some new people join to help grow this community

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