Witnessed some odd behavior need advice?

My friend had his Discord streaming FiveM when I joined the call so I watched him play on this new server he stated he never played on before.

As time rolled on he kept spawning cars from his “saved” vehicles on VMenu which seems normal at first until he mentions he didn’t even know the spawn codes to these cars he was spawning yet it’s that servers exact vehicle models/livery designs some custom to the server and some weren’t. I guess that’s not weird many servers use similar vehicle packs etc.

Thing is he had no idea I knew what that model packs name was because i’ve seen that livery/vehicle pack on the official LSPDFR site before its an lspd mega pack its very distinct i’ll explain why thats significant in a minute.

After grilling him he changes stories and claims he was spawning them because he saved them on a specific friends server and saved them long ago in VMenu as Saved Vehicles.

He was spawning these cars that were not even released before their friendship fell through. (Note: I double checked the models on LSPDFR site and the upload date was years after they stopped talking)

One thing I noted before I grilled him was this odd thing happened as he spawned his “saved vehicles” it was saying “Downloading” before he could spawn a vehicle. I’ve never seen this on any videos with a VMenu installed nor experienced it myself when spawning in saved cars on any VMenu server it never says downloading with the megabytes till downloaded. The only thing i’ve ever witnessed in VMenu is a long pause between trying to spawn your vehicle and it spawning but no random information on screen stating its downloading.

Also the VMenu as far as i’m aware won’t spawn cars unless they are for sure in that server it’ll error out. Yet he somehow had exact cars that didn’t match the timeline of their friendship as he stated because as stated before this pack was released years after their friendship ended and he only had the exact number of saved slots as those particular vehicles. So I think he is “cheating” or something is that a thing in 2023 where they can obtain vehicles from servers?

Has anyone else seen this type of behavior?

There was a new native introduced GetAllVehicleModels - FiveM Natives @ Cfx.re Docs that allows for getting all vehicle models on client side. I assume that’s what vMenu is using. (I’m not using it)

The “downloading” aspect happens when you try to spawn a vehicle that’s not yet in your client cache. E.g. when you try to load a model that’s not in Vanilla GTA and not yet in your cache, FiveM will have to stream it in once from the server. I think that “downloading” message can be disabled in the FiveM settings though.

That being said, no, I don’t think he is a cheater but he does sound suspicious xD

Thanks for the info haha. I had no idea what I was witnessing it was odd to say the least!

What’s the point of that if you don’t mind me asking? Does that mean he is adding them to a use anywhere basis or just that server?

I don’t know a lot about vMenu. As I said, I am not using it.

I think it allows saving vehicle presets and load them anywhere where it is allowed.
But that is just from memory.

This is the ‘show download progress’ setting in the main menu options.

Anyway, if the vehicles have the exact same model name now as they did when they were saved, they would work fine from the same old save data. Similarly, trying to protect vehicles from being spawned just because ‘people don’t know the model name’ doesn’t really work and if a server owner wants to do such they should write a script that actually checks for this. :stuck_out_tongue:

(there’s other ways one can get model names, too, for example by checking the .log file after getting near someone who had the same car spawned, or a download error message, or …)

Very interesting like I say these models were released long after, but my only concern was if he was using a mod menu or something to download peoples stuff to his pc honestly because that would be messed up.