[WIP] Vehicle Development FiveVMS Variable Message Board for 5M


I was experimenting with two versions of this truck one that uses paints liveries to rotates message board and another that uses vehicle extra components.

using liveries you can have over 30 messages combinations to choose from and can customize messages in the ytd.

However this eliminated the ability to have a multi livery paintjob.

pattern is set by non els sequencers set to three sirens, so each message is a three part message.



1071644672 1046528 1022

atm the flashes due to non els pattern
was thinking about adding a steady burn option via the extra vehicle component’s

Message sign trailer and truck mounted message board options

working on three versions

steamable version, that can stream anything to the LCD
and other options

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This mod has opened the possibility of real EKG Monitor disply in game as well as other cool things, Drive through, etc.

Textures and LED emissive

example of an emissive texture

each message is three stage message like above. template is included to make your own messages

I can’t wait for you to complete this project… I’ve been working on a few things myself so if you need a hand I’ll be glad to donate my time.

any ideas? Possibilities’ for usages or vehicles you would like to see it on ?

Sent you a DM

If you want to test this mod, its on my FivePD server at

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This mod is released on my store at https://store.candimods.com
its part of a 4 vehicle packs.

based on single player version GitHub - pnwparksfan/vms-doc: VMS+ Documentation