[WIP] Mapping Editor

Hello there,

I am following the FiveM project now already for a while and finally decided to create some stuff. Since I originally come from MTA I always wondered why the popular gamemodes like race, race deathmatch and destruction derby do not exist here. Not even an ingame mapping editor. So I thought I would start with creating one :smiley:
This is the current state of it and I’d like you to offer me some feedback about what you like/dislike or wish to see in the final version. I started with stuff like html, javascript/jquery, css just on this project so be gentle with me since I’m still learning on how to create the best experience.

Atm I occasionally work on it since my free time is limited right now but at summer break from uni I will hopefully finish everything with the features I have in mind.

In the end I’d like to give a big shout-out to my lovely friend @Dealman who always offers his help and gives me new thoughts when I’m stuck on something. He also contributed the awesome freecam mechanic currently implemented since my original first person camera was quite limited.

So there is not much left to say other than I hope you like the progress made so far and have fun watching the video.


Ay! Finally a sneak peek for the masses :grin: Probably hard to give some feedback without a hands-on experience but maybe a bit too early for that still…

Another feature not shown in the video is that it does support multiplayer map editing. I can also playtest the map while he is still editing - or we can test it together.

It’s IMO a very nice map editor that reminds a fair bit of the MTA:SA one, can’t wait to see it released :grinning:

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Loving the UI :slight_smile: Looks really good so far. :+1:

Well done, would love to see a map editor for gta v/five m like mta

I come from SA:MP and find it too bad too that there are less non-RP servers. I found 1 destruction derby server which could be fun with a lot of players

Hopefully this might change with this map editor and my upcoming Race gamemode :blush:

Much needed if you need any help even if for testing, just say. Looks promising, keep the good work