Windows 10 update error (Help!)

It says something about windows not being updated. Even though my computer is updated already ?
My friend told me to get it from [LINK REMOVED], so i’m pretty sure its legit, it works offline, just cant join social club.
Social club. But I cant find The file. I download the rockstar application it still doesn’t work…
Windows 10
If Possible and you can not help me fix it, can u give me a link to a torrent file that works, thanks! =3*

First of all, you’re asking for piracy links, which are already disallowed by their own.
Also, It seems you asked for support but didn’t fill in the technical support template at all. Please fill the format in order to receive proper support.

as described in, we do not support pirated copy’s.

please get a legal copy of grand theft auto 5 to run fivem

Oh shit, well i thought this whole website was for that… well it says this was a modification patch or some shit, well whatever

It is not and the assumption that FiveM provides means to piracy is a stupid one at best.

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