Windows 10 Creators Update

This isn’t really a plea for help, but instead a request of information.

Is the Windows 10 Creators Update really necessary to run FiveM stably?

…Not sure what the difference is.

Edit: Everytime I try to get it to verify my game and run, after the “Worth the Wait” splash screen, while that’s loading it crashes and doesn’t verify.

I’m not sure why you would not want to update to the latest Windows update.

It brings along not only performance improvements, but also features, stability, security and other improvements. It’s not required (as this is just a warning), but you will get better performance for sure.

Please provide helpful information about this. Filling out the Technical Support template is a start

The thing is, my Windows 10 latest installation (( version 1809 ))

All of my USBs would frequently disconnect, my keyboard, mouse, external wireless card and even my headset.

After a while I get pretty annoyed since I stream frequently and am always on my server.

Which is why I downgraded, I do eventually plan on going back to the creators update but I just don’t want to run into the same problem.

just make sure you download the drivers from the manufacturers websites.

And if the pc is old enough you may need to play around with the power settings for the USB ports.

Dont give up so easy :stuck_out_tongue:

Get motherboard updates done, if you don’t have updated Chipset drivers, bios etc that would cause some issues, and having updated Video Card Drivers. Updates keep stability. Not having updates done = issues.

No, my PC is new. I keep everything up-to-date. The only reason I downgraded is so I can figure out if the newest updates were the problem, which in fact. They were. I am now as I’m writing this message setting up firmware 1703 of Windows 10 so I should be good from here on out.

But I just don’t know what would’ve caused it, and I don’t know why it kept crashing as there was nothing for it to do so.