Will there be some modd that

Will there be some modd that will make the script to point in the five reborn, just like the online that presses the “b” key and you point the finger? Thank you and moderation!

the trainer allows you to use the animation and taunts etc from online game check in there you can also script that in to do it server sided but it is in the Enhanced Reborn Trainer

EnhancedReborn doesn’t have what he is asking for here.

Please create normal topics. If you feel the need to make such long titles do it elsewhere.

If there ‘will be’ a mod like this, unsure. Why don’t you start to create such things yourself? Anyone could do it!

Get started by reading yourself in to some lua scripting.

yea he wants a button to do it with im sure you can assign it with natives but would be better for a /cmd then a bunch of key bindings everywhere thats why nobody is doing it