Will I get banned from RSC multiplayer if I use FiveReborn?

I just want to know if I’ll be banned from Rockstar servers if I’m caught playing FiveReborn. Thanks

no it will not get you banned its a separate client

I would advise until we all know more about this, to just keep steam closed while you run fivereborn. Especially since fivereborn seems to still be in the developement stage. None of us would want to get banned from the game due to a small mistake in coding or misunderstanding of how things work.

So for now ill just keep steam closed and run it totally separate from steam and the community process.

Bs, you will not get banned for using FiveM/pΛ/проектΛ.

Great thanks for the clarification Boss :slight_smile:

Just wanted to follow up on this one so people dont get freaked out as i just did…

I started steam and then started FiveReborn and was in my server and clicked on the facebook page as i was going through the tabs. I got this page and it freaked me out to be honest.

So i closed out FiveReborn and then loaded the game via steam and i was able to get into the online and play. So i was NOT banned or at least not yet. I dont know if this page comes from the rockstar side or the fivereborn side, but it somehow needs to be removed or reworded.

Is there a way to remove the facebook page from the menu?. I dont want my players to freak out.


Bs, you will not get banned for using FiveM/pΛ/проектΛ.

What part of this don’t you understand?

We’re looking into the main menu as a whole. And if you are clear enough to ‘your players’ who ever that may be it should be clear to them that they won’t get banned.

I’d appreciate if you stop fuzzying things up.

I am not fuzzing things up, and im not trying to cause issues with fivereborn or with anyone. I am simply reporting facts… I stated i was NOT banned and i was very clear to that fact. However people need to know what to do when they see stuff like this. Not talking about it openly only makes people more suspicous of the software. As long as you are transparent with users they will back you, including me… But try being non transparent and acting like i dropped a bomb on you when that was not my intention at all but rather to just talk about what happend does not sit well.

So sorry if i freaked you are anyone else out, games are very expensive and we have a right to know EVERYTHING that we put on our system, free or not. I support what your trying to do, but do it transparently please.


How can we be any more transparent than stating that no bans will occur whatsoever, as there is no interaction with the ROS services other than the initial game validation for non-Steam copies, which is done in a way that can’t (and won’t - there is no benefit to ones GTAO save game by doing this, so players will not get banned) be detected by the R* services.

In addition, Steam being running won’t make a single difference at all - however, how can we be transparent about this in a way that is understandable to any of the general public, as there apparently seems to be a massive dose of paranoia with almost anything done by anyone these days. Even with Steam running, a) Steam isn’t tied to the ROS services at all and b) Valve does not ever ban people from Steam as a whole, or publisher services for games that use a separate network platform from Steam itself (which GTA V does), unless payment fraud occurs.

The Facebook page is a coincidental result of the game’s service calls and shows like that as we are blocking any external calls to the game services. If wondering about the [email protected] text during startup of an actual V copy, this does not get sent to any remote server at all and only occurs because of the original SC SDK code being required to run the game, for not using it would be a violation of anti-circumvention laws.

I and others im sure appreciate your feedback and explanation. If i thought something was not right i would not be running the software in the first place. Anyone that knows me knows that i have my standards which i wont back away from. So far those standards after research have been met regarding the legality and the use of this software in which that research was a pretty bumpy road.

You are right that there seems to be alot of panic and paranoia running around, on youtube, on redit, and on google as well. I only started learning about FM itself this last week when i was tasked with setting up a GTA5 server for our group. Even through the worst of what i read i tried to be fair minded to both parties and i considered the sources. R* themselves didnt even reply to me with a personal reply to my request in their support center. They just sent me a auto generated reply that if i needed more information to log onto my social club and contact them from there, which im not going to do because they can do whatever they want to me and noone will care. I’m not giving them that opportunity to vent on me (if that was their intention).

So after my research and going over all the information it does appear that this reborn version is a new and refreshing version and is in fact a total seperate entity from the previous versions,and also runs as a seperate entity from GTA5, which i am very glad to see that. Thats a +1 for sure. After install of Reborn i did not find any new files in my GTA5 dir, thats great.

You asked how to be more transparent, one way is to have more docs available, a blog, instructions or something in addition to the forum. There are so many different things that people want to do but im talking about the basic stuff. Your FAQ is fine and much needed but it does not cover some of the items that people need to know. I will cover some of the basics below, because these are very hard to find subjects on google and very hard to find on youtube and even on this forum. This is one way you can not only cut down on your forum requests but also make it less stressful on clients so they can spend less time setting it up and more time playing with their friends.


  1. First of all you need to make sure people know what website to get this software from, there are so many different domain forwarders going on that people get confused. I have had a friend of mine tell me that at least two different domains get forwarded to the FM site. If you are going to be different then be different and dont use the old site for ANYTHING… You say you are totally different and i agree you are, but you still have connections to the old sites, maybe you need to leave those behind and move on and do your own domain with no connections to the past.

This friend chose the first name that came up on google and during the install process it asked her to verify her steam account. So she called me and i said no dont do that, i did not have to do that and you should never put your steam info anywhere unless it explains why. Turns out she got the software from some other site and not fivereborn.com (which is another domain forward) i might add.

I had her uninstall her GTA5 completely and reinstall it then made sure she had the correct client. I wonder how many people this happens to, this could lead to some of the paranoia thats out there. She ended up getting an error that it could not find her install dir and she verifed with me with a screenshot that it was the right dir. For which i had no answer to give her.

  1. Write some instructions on how to set the icon in the server list.

  2. Write some instructions on how to make a custom loadingscreen work, it displays just fine and i can hear the game behind it, but it wont refresh to the game, it just sits there and loads forever. I suspect it has something to do with either the JS or some internal config command option.

  3. Write some instructions on admining the game. Talk about the default admin and how to use it, access, commands, setting the admin in the server. And talk about the other admin options available and how to use them as well.

  4. Explain the difference between fivem-map-hipster and fivem-map-skater.

  5. Remember that there are alot of people that own the game that are NOT server admins. They may or may not know the game but even if they do its on a user perspective not a server or game admin level. So write some articles from a noobs point of view.

  6. Explain some basic game modes and what they mean and how to install them.

  7. Explain how the hands up mod does not keep you from getting shot, its just a body move. You have your hands up and they still kill you lol… :slight_smile:

  8. Explain why we dont get the cell phone, are able to save our game, run missions, make money in this version. If im wrong then explain why im wrong, i have not been able to do any of that yet.

  9. Explain to people why you need an inbound port for UDP and TCP in their firewall.

11… Mainly your largest battle is to convince people that its worth it to have a custom server. People will get frustrated, me included. I was almost to the point of saying screw this, if i am doing all of this just so i can have a custom loading page (that does not work) then why am i doing this at all and paying for it when i could always just use R* online options for private sessions. That is the battle you face.

Information, professionalism from the moderators, professionalism from the web content, testimonials, talking openly about challenges, and making the clients feel like this is not just a weekend project that will fade away. All of those things if not already on your agenda or mission, need to be.

I hope that helps you and i wish you the best of luck going forward… :slight_smile:

After thought here in the spirit of being transparent… :slight_smile:

Can you explain what is NPOEKT. I assume thats your product or company name.

But is that a business, a group of developers, a product. Is this a registered business or just a online calaboration of developers. I am a developer as well which is why im asking, im not asking anything personal, i dont care to know anything too personal, thats not my intention. I just would like to know who or what im working with. A group of friends, a business, none of the above lol…

Dave :slight_smile:

I think we are going to wait for right now, i appreciate the information and everything seems to check out. However for some reason we got it in our heads that the server install would default to exactly what is on the other online play option without having to do a bunch of setup, other installs, and extra configuration.

I understand that to a point it is plug and play and i also understand that having all the choices and options is what most server admins want. However we wanted missions, money, and everything else that the R* version has as a default install, then we can back it off or change things if we want to. Unfortunately the developement of this is not quite there, its close and i think it looks and works great. However my club players say they wont use it right now and will go back to the R* version because they are used to it and it has more options.

I know you will get there, and i thank you for your time. I will be checking back from time to see how things are progressing…

Take care :slight_smile:

Ignoring the dismissing caused by a misconception below (this project is not nor was ever meant to be like ‘GTA:O’ at all, it is merely another multiplayer platform on the GTA V systems), let’s take things point-by-point:

The only active websites are https://fivem.net/ and https://forum.cfx.re/ - no other download pages are official for this modification whatsoever, and those that were in the past (literally, only fivereborn.com) all redirect here.

The modification history is fairly complex, however this is the strongest brand traditionally. ‘MultiFive’ was not related to this development group at all, but was a separate splinter group made by barely-competent Russians on the same source code (of the original 2015 FiveM) that this project is based on.

No version of FiveM/FiveReborn ever asked about verifying Steam accounts - Steam authentication happens through authentication tickets obtained from a running Steam client. If other people reupload these files and add malware, we can’t do anything about this.

There is a validation prompt for verifying Social Club login details, this is there because there is no other way retail (disc, SC digital download) ownership can be verified - the window asking about this could be reworded as it scares off less technical people, however being too transparent in this regard can and will make Take-Two/Rockstar take action against this modification, like has happened to the original developers of FiveM in the past (using frivolous claims that could not be defended against, committing more illegal acts than they alleged these developers did in the process).

Onboarding seems to be lacking, however most these people seem to be referred from second-degree or third-degree acquaintances, and therefore won’t provide their feedback on the onboarding process (there’s a lot of things that can go wrong with desktop-based software) to the developers so that these issues can be resolved.

Then, we have some documentation complaints:

This is currently already documented in the server configuration file:

# set to the path of an icon to use in the server browser. it should be square.
#ServerIcon: hello.png

There’s the example resource which was documented to exist in the update announcement, for the lack of a proper documentation service currently.

Documentation is mainly missing as the project itself is incomplete so far - and as documentation, by definition, can only be written by people understanding the system, they’d have to take time from improving the system to write said documentation - for a system that’s still in flux and lacks various minimum-viable features.

This project is currently primarily targeted for early adopters.

There’s no administration system in the server at all currently, other than direct rcon access - documentation for this had existed in past projects but these weren’t archived when our group took over from the ashes of these past projects.

Any community addons are not maintained by ‘us’, so we can not document these.

Both are leftovers from testing, and this capability had only been implemented for 2 weeks when the original project was forced to shut down. Again, we’re doing all we can to recover from this mess that occurred in the past under previous ownership, and that hadn’t improved much under the original ‘FiveReborn’ project.

In the end a typical ‘player’ shouldn’t need or even want to run a server at all. Again, as seemed to be misunderstood, this isn’t a GTA:O clone, but a development platform for allowing modifications for GTA V - the ‘M’ in FiveM stands for ‘modifications’, not ‘multiplayer’.

There are none, for this is a task for the community.

There’s a ‘hands-up mod’? No such thing is included with the project itself.

I don’t see where this project is advertised as having such - there’s no place this is advertised as anything officially; effectively this modification (like those in the past for SA and IV) is a clean slate for people to build stuff on, which is why there’s no official branding about capabilities until the minimum-viable product is fully functional.

The specific protocol shouldn’t be relevant for people to care about at all - needing incoming ports is typical for classical game servers that don’t function through a centralized relay, which would be prohibitively expensive for our purposes.

We’re just a semi-large-sized people spending whatever free time we have on improving this project in a scattergun fashion, releasing snapshots along the way, and somehow dealing with fallout from the past from the publisher and past community attempts to rework this codebase.

If things look like a mess currently, this is part intentional.

проект Λ (project V, written in an intentionally-distracting script) is a temporary name to bridge the transition from the old ‘FiveReborn’ project to the unified resurgence of the FiveM project, further details of which are beyond the scope of what can be reasonably made public.

We conveniently refer to ourselves as the ‘CitizenFX collective’ - an ad-hoc group of like-minded individuals striving for technical perfection in developing modifications for the RAGE-based Grand Theft Auto titles, and attempting to have a bit of fun along the way.

If you haven’t dismissed the project entirely - where’d you first hear about this, and how did they (or the information available on the project web site) influence you toward thinking this?

This seems to be a common misconception, and a new landing page would be really helpful - however our web designer sadly is too preoccupied with other tasks to make one of these.

This project’s code is not related to GTA:O at all, and directly copying these features would only paint an even larger target on our back by having to add various technicalities that Take-Two could strong-arm us for in a court of law.

In the end this is meant to develop on a divergent path from GTA:O and V itself, similar to how GTA:SA multiplayer modifications have done in the past - however for various (legal and other) reasons the project is already 1.5 years behind in development from what should have been the case… again, it’ll be a :gem: in the end but for now it’s just having to wait and resist the misconceptions in the community and half-baked competition attempts from affecting us emotionally, for we are people after all.


Thank you so much for taking the time to post that information. I hope that it helps others with the clarity that is stated. Yes i suppose we misunderstood the concept and the structurre of this and for that we apologize. Again thanks for taking the time to reply, that is very respectful.

General Common Sense.

So, does this mean FiveM is safe from actions that were taken against the developers in the past?

Glad to be aware that FiveM is doing great again :slight_smile: