Wig-wag police lights

Hi, i’ve seen a script for wig-wag police lights.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpsxuPLaWE0 <- something like this, for FiveReborn.
Does somebody has a link for this mod/plugin for FiveReborn?


Unfortunately I believe all of the mods out there like this require Rage Plugin Hook, which is not compatible with Five Reborn.

If you have any knowledge of editing carcols.ymt, you can set certain siren settings to have wig wag headlights, taillights, ect. This is also how people have custom flash patterns for emergency vehicles.

Carcols.ymt can be placed in ‘citizen/platform/data’.

the script is not supported due to it being RPH but as stated bu deziel you can get a custom CARCOLS file that can enable wig wags etc