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Hi, how do I add a widget in php to my website that shows the players that are online on the server and if the server is offline or online? :slight_smile: It should be a widget but i have searched but i haven’t found anything useful yet.

Thanks, Ossie

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You can make one using your players.json file.

How would i do that? :slight_smile:

HTML, CSS, PHP and a sprinkle of CURL.

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You can use this site


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Doesent seem to work for me, i put all my things in put it just shows it like this.

Remove the ? In the server name. I had some issues generating one before but it does work. Just have to play around with it a bit. I also left my discord link out of it because that’s where I was having issues with mine.

Thanks @ChieF-TroN do you also use the https://fivem.xpl.wtf/server ? If so have you figured out how to maybe do a redesign of it so it looks more clean?

I do use it. However as far as a redesign youd probably just to make yours from scratch at that point.

There you go, added some colour customisation options too it. No idea anyone actually used it.


Well I had no idea someone made this prior to this post, so I started using it when you put it out there. Thanks for adding the color customization.

Only suggestion is when you generate the url have it default to https instead of http.

Smallo are you able to maybe make one that just says [players on server]/60 just as a plain text to put in inside your own box?

Ayo is there a new widget site? fivem.xpl.wtf seems to be down and xpl.wtf transformed to a porn website