Why was my server blocked?

I woke up to my server being blocked from FiveM for no reason

As far as I know, ■■■■■■■ servers have been blacklisted because they charge extortionate prices for what they offer.

Honestly, you would be better off getting a dedicated VPS to host your GTA server or, find a provider that won’t overcharge you.

really so I got black listed for technically no reason

Technically you weren’t blocked. The host ■■■■■■■ was blacklisted for breaching the terms of service, specifically the section that says

8. No financial profit shall be derived by the Users from any derivative of, or third-party service,
User Generated Content, or Game Server for FiveM, the Game Services, or other entities
stated in these Terms.
9. CitizenFX expressly reserves the right to, without any prior notice, terminate access to FiveM
and/or the Game Services to any Users violating point 8, and/or disable any relevant Game
Server and/or User Generated Content from being utilized/provided on FiveM and/or the
Game Services.

same for my friends server… what do we do if we dont mind paying and just want to keep our server?

so basically your telling me if we do wanna pay and keep the server we cant so I just wasted my money for no reason and did coding for a week for no reason

This is not FiveM being dicks; the ones breaking rules are your provider. They took the gamble and lost. Go to them and ask for a refund or some shit, it’s them you should be mad with.

And no, you didn’t do “coding” for no reason. Just grab your code and buy a box somewhere else.

I’ve actually had to make a script but sure you can assume

@Its_Pride How can you blame FiveM for you spending money on a server…? Makes no sense… I had been going through shitadel too and dropped them like a bag of poop once this came about… If you do not that is not FiveM’s fault…

Alright, well seeing as this wont do any good there is no need to discuss the topic further.

■■■■■■■ is blocked, hell, even the name gets blocked.

– Locked

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