Why do numbers not work in code?

Why do numbers not work in code? For example, if i write
AddBlipForCoord(0,1000,0) it adds the blip for 0,0,0
And they do not work anywhere, if i want to spawn a player at ex. 1000,0,0 it spawns it at 0,0,0, but if i do smth like
GetEntityCoords then apply it ex blip x,y,z it works. So what kind of format do i need to write the numbers to work? Its absolutely annoying that you cant just type in numbers…

OMFG If i copy paste a number from wikipedia it works, but if i type the number myself, it doesnt work WHAT THE HELL?

If i write a minus(-) the game straight up crashes…
This has to be something releated to my input language, but if switch it to english it doesnt help…

  • Using Notepad++

Try with floats: (0.0, 1000.0, 0.0)

I cannot believe this was the actual problem, its… im gonna test this.

This is because positions are floats in gta v

They are floats in SA as well, but… my problem is im too used to MTA scripting, and some stuff are not straightforward for me yet.

Use this reference;


It could come in handy.

Yeah, someone already sent me this, thank you both. Really helpful.

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