WHITELISTED RP server without trainers?

All of the servers Ive seen whitelisted so far were the ones with trainers, just spawn whatever you want, pick a skin and do stuff. I was wondering if there is a server that is whitelisted and has an actual character develpoment in it? If you have a server that is not whitelisted, I am not really interested. I am looking for Heavy RP server.


Me to but those are rare to find. Best bet is to just skim through the server list and find a new community growing.

Had no luck. Most of the whitelisted RP servers are with trainers and it’s simply boring.

I know your pain please message me through pm.

Secretone FiveM RP server is a great server with a splendid community.

They will soon open a Whitelist server and there’s no trainer or such.


[EU] Realistic handling for cars |Drugs|Sheriff|Highway|LSPD|Lawyer|and much more! By sOne
is the FiveM server name

You can just search for “Secretone” on the FiveM browser too.

I am in a server called ICERP and it has that. However, we hardly ever have anyone on…currently looking around myself. Its a great server with Great people though!

Hi, @Famousdex , @FlamesDriving and @Big_Bear731 !

You can take a look at our server and community. We are still pretty new (only few months), but growing and as I am the only owner and dev, I am building on quality, not quantity. Link below.

In short, our server’s vision is to build more realistic illegal racing based RP and trainerless one. That of course includes fully functional Police department, EMS and legal and illegal jobs to do. We have many customizable cars and I am personally taking care of everything. Cons? Some things take time. Pros? Everything has it’s purpose and works!

We currently don’t have any whitelist, simply there wasn’t need for that yet. We had 2 guys who were messing around and got banned permanently for just behaving like idiots all the time. Most of the time, only decent players are joining in. Core idea is to create environment that doesn’t need any special treatment (aka whitelist, trainers etc.), but will players “force” to roleplay seamlessly! And so far it looks like it’s working! :slight_smile:

From my experience, we welcome both EU and US players, as the server is located in London, UK. EU LEOs are patroling during EU day hours and same for US.

Feel free to check our server invitation below and join our Discord for more info, if interested! We will happy to help you with everything!

Hello! Our server does have trainers in it but your not allow to just spawn in cars! Our server is a esx server, you have to work to earn the cash to get your stuff! The trainers are there to spawn in your saved vehicles and for rp! Come check it out!