[Whitelisted] GoldField Roleplay Community | Custom Framework | Serious RP | EUP | Custom Assets, Custom Clothing, Cars, Housing, Trunks, Lots of Jobs & MLOs | Recruiting

Goldfield Roleplay runs a hand made custom role play framework. We focus around serious & professional role play. Our goal is to create a community where everyone in it feels welcome but at the same time provides a safe and fun place to role play. We’re currently brand new as a server but our server & framework has been in development for years by a team of professional developers.

Join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/99AysJ8qsj

Hope to see you there!

We are currently recruiting pretty much everything as we just opened. Come join our ranks before they fully fill up :slight_smile:


this looks really fun and cool

Thanks… and welcome to the community!

Updated to version 3.0.2.

Fixes hot wiring bugs
Fixes minor UI bugs
Updated vehicle store to contain more.

Bump! Great community. Growing quickly! Excellent server assets.

Thank you for your honest review. We are still recruiting and working on improving the server.

Added taxi job.

We are still actively recruitiing for both civilian and police life. Join our discord if you are interested!


GoldField Roleplay are looking to fill in the following positions… It’s first come first serve and all positions are as boss (If management approves you):

Real Estate Agent - Sell homes to players in-game
Car Shop - Sell modded and expensive cars to players in-game
Drift School & Racing - Teach players on drifting and racing
Dock Worker - Work on the docks of Los Santos
Lost MC - You should already know what this is
Tuner Carshop - Tune peoples cars and modify their vehicles
Recycle Shop - Make parts to sell for people who want to craft things
Parts Shop - Make parts used for modding vehicles
Chop Shop (Illegal) - Allow people to trade their stolen cars for money
Casino - Gambling … Viva la Vegas
Strip Club - Work as a stripper!
Camel Tows - Tow people’s vehicles

We are also looking for recruiting for EMS currently.

Awesome server, always something to do, lots of ways to make money. High quality assets, scripts, and admins.

Here is some screenshots of SOME of the police vehicles:


Though they are sadly taken with all settings set on Low :frowning:

Bump… Updated jobs listings… Still recruiting EMS and Police

Bump. Active community always welcoming new players!