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Genesis 1.8.4c (Versecore build 3838) is now deployed with the following notes:


  • The Diamond Casino has received a facelift.
  • The current raffle car will now always be spawned in the roped off circle near the entrance.
  • There is a new Diamond Casino UI that you can access where you formerly purchased chips.
  • The Diamond Lottery has been added. You can now buy tickets with your own numbers, or randomized numbers at the casino.
  • The Diamond Lottery drawing will take place every Saturday night at 10:00 PM Eastern
  • Drawing all four numbers correctly in order will win you the jackpot.
  • Having the four correct numbers but out of order will win you the box prize.
  • Blackjack max bet is now limited to $100,000 to prevent people excessively losing millions.
  • The Prize Wheel in the casino has been added and we’ve figured out how to rotate it. Free Spins coming soon!
  • A Mini Lottery skill game has been added to the new Diamond Casino UI
  • Raffle Tickets for any ongoing raffle can now be turned in at the Diamond Casino UI


  • Fixed a bug in mining that caused you to get the same amount of any given type from each node rather than randomizing and using skill.
  • Added a sound notification when you receive a text message on the phone.
  • Scratch Offs have received an update, a substantial increase in their payouts, and new ways and combinations to win.


  • Vespura fixed THP and Health Regen
  • Vespura and Lux fixed Recycling

Genesis 1.8.4d (Versecore build 3840) is now deployed with the following notes:


  • Profile pictures and backgrounds now properly save and load on the phone.
  • You can no longer freely use your phone while in prison.
  • Mindfreak now works properly when talking to Jimantha.- Fixed a bug where pressing G twice quickly double charged you when buying a car.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing G twice quickly double charged you when buying a car.
  • Fixed a bug in the inventory that caused reliable network event overflows.
  • Pulling out your radio will no longer change speaking volume.
  • You can no longer accidently close the mining menu and break yourself (and the node!)
  • Fixed typos in the Wildcrates for XP Tokens, Hyperion Separator and 12 Hour Booster
  • Ricky Hoffman, Bank Roller now gives drug sales properly.
  • Ramon Cervantes, Deity of Justice now gives Carbine RIfle damage properly.
  • Your first message with a person will no longer go into the last conversation.
  • Fixed the Grove Street Org Warehouse.
  • Added stamina and breath indicators to the HUD.
  • Removed no longer used mumble-voip script.


  • Removed the old voice indicator from the lower right of the screen.
  • Added sound looping capabilities to our music and ambience back end.
  • Cars now spawn in order from garages rather than appearing atop of one another.
  • GPS Location Sharing now works on the phone
  • Ads now sort based on Subscriber Tier, then user seniority, and ads are deleted when a user logs out.
  • Foundations of new Triple Triad script started on.

Car Dealers

  • The Car Dealerships have received a facelift.
  • Added 3 more car spots to Mosley’s


  • 107 houses with inactive owners added back to the market.


  • Purged a number of older organizations
  • Renamed Madrazo Cartel to Angels of Death


  • The emotes backend has been rewritten to a modified and upgraded version of dpemotes by andristum (GitHub - andristum/dpemotes: Emotes / Animations for fiveM with Prop support.)
  • You can now press H to clear your currently running emote.
  • This eliminates a few hundred chat commands and suggestions which was causing extreme latency when using any chat command.
  • The emotes menu can be opened using /emotesmenu or Menu → Player → Emotes

Recent car show / Costume party.
We do have Costume Contest/Date Auction on the 30th if you’re looking to join up. This event will have tons of prizes, so you don’t wanna miss out

You don’t wanna miss out on this upcoming Halloween Event. Could say it’s gonna be a spooktacular evening! Filled with date auctions, Costume Contest and many prizes! This Saturday @ 8PM EST


Genesis 1.8.5 (Versecore build 3911) is now deployed with the following notes:


  • Rewritten to work more smoothly.
  • Now spawn on their own automatically.
  • Now have varied rewards other than just skill bonuses.


  • Removed more errant singlet nodes and Island nodes.
  • Added 500 new nodes.

Triple Triad

  • Completely rewritten.
  • Now accessed with the /tt command.
  • Collections are now account bound not character bound.
  • Added 97 new cards, with an additional 25 to be added then the Series 3 boosters will be released.
  • Boosters now give you a card item in your inventory rather than straight to collection.
  • Duplicates can be sold to the Diamond Reward Shop for DRPs.

Bugfixes and QoL

  • Epic Wildcrates fixed with a number of typos.
  • Recombobulator fixed with a number of typos.
  • Vespura rework to fuel on vehicle plates.
  • Vespura disabled the AFK Camera and Idle Cinematics
  • Vespura fixed a crash in the phone garage app.
  • Stamina on the HUD now properly displays.
  • Fixed an ancient bug that caused “You used Error” to appear when using items somtimes.
  • Fixed a bug causing spam in the F8 Console when using your inventory.
  • Added 19 new bonuses.
  • Fixed 11 bonuses that were not working properly.


  • Bahama Mamas, Vanilla Unicorn, Cockatoos and Split Sides have received interior upgrades.
  • RON Davis Gas Station in South LS has received an interior.
  • Cyberbar Interior added.
  • The Venetian Restaurant Interior added.


  • ATM / Banking System Foundations expanded upon.
  • Scenes system with 3d Text and notes foundations added.
  • Fixed a small bug in holdout progress bars.
  • Reworked seatbelts. You can now change the seatbelt key in your game settings (Settings > Keybinds > FiveM > Seatbelt). Vehicles that shouldn’t have seatbelts (like ATV’s) have had their seatbelt removed.
  • Fixed a bug in the vehicle damage script.
  • Fixed twitter mentions for names that have multiple spaces.
  • Fixed the ads list for names that have multiple spaces.
  • Fixed tweet timestamps.
  • Make the lung capacity HUD indicator actually work.

Holdout Improvements

  • Holdouts are now Org vs Org, or Cop vs Criminal
  • Cops will not receive a notification about criminal holdouts (and are incapable of seizing them). Their only incentive to enter them is to secure medicals or arrest criminals.
  • Cops will receive massive skill bonuses (or features!) from Cop Holdouts.
  • Crims will receive INCREDIBLE XP from Cop Holdouts.
  • Added 5 new holdouts.
  • Added additional item rewards to a number of existing holdouts.
  • Holdout Bonuses will now persist through relogs and be in effect if you login after it’s been seized by your org.

Plenty of events for the upcoming days, including today!

  • Talbot Auction at 9PM EST

Solomon Talbot will be auctioning a number of cars, the most important of which being Icarus’ Deluxo

  • Futureshock at 10PM EST

The future returns once more.

  • Community Meeting on Sunday @ 6PM EST

Genesis 1.8.6 (Versecore build 4081) is now deployed with the following notes:


  • Heist Bags can now be equipped and raise your inventory space.
  • Subscribers of tier Gold and above now receive additional inventory slots per tier.
  • Equipping / drawing a weapon now has an animation attached to it.
  • The Hotbar is now functional, and guns are equipped via the hotbar.
  • Ammo, Bandages, Food and Drink can all be assigned to the hotbar.


  • The following conjurations now function correctly: Salt, Meat, Geode, Spare Tire, Glass, Viola Puddle, Ferric Chloride, Weed Seeds, Gold Coins
  • Keycard Conjuration has been replaced by Drill Bit conjuration.
  • Conjuration Synergy now works as intended.


  • Speed: Cooking was fixed (multiply don’t divide duh)
  • Raised the maximum modifier for Pay Bonus: Unemployment
  • Changed baseline experience gain to be higher overall for all activities
  • Raised new player starting cash to $30,000 from $10,000

Snowball improvements, you can no longer use snowballs inside a vehicle or indoors, they will melt.

More PD garages and PD clock on/off duty points. Most police stations will now have a point to clock on/off duty. If there isn’t an interior it’ll be somewhere on the outside near an entrance. You can now also customize your PD car at all garages.

Fixed duplicate weapons when clocking on duty or resupplying. If you have extra weapons, just clock on/off duty a few times to clear them out of your inventory.

Fixed being able to shoot your gun while you’re in the animation.

The fine for possessing or stealing police equipment has been updated.

Fireworks! Buy your fireworks from Mr Pizza!

Genesis 1.8.6b (Versecore build 4101) is now deployed with the following notes:


  • Is now part of your inventory
  • Will no longer eat items
  • Now has 8 slots not 5
  • Bandages and Ammunition now have animation waits when you use them
  • Weapon swapping should be much smoother


  • Is fixed to work with the new weapon system

Bound Items

  • Can no longer be dropped, traded or placed into warehouses

December Daily Rewards

  • Now Active
  • 4 War of the Gods Prelude Mystery Boxes
  • 4 Anniversary 2021 Mystery Boxes


  • Losing, Dropping and Acquiring items have a new visual indicator.

Genesis 1.8.7 (Versecore build 4114) will be deployed after the community meeting with the following notes:


  • Shops have received an entirely new visual UI system.
  • Treasure type items can now be sold to Milks.


  • Now gives experience


  • Now gives experience


  • Item gained / dropped notifications reworked.
  • Item exhausted notification added to hotbar for when you run out.


  • Removed breakpoint levels that cost double build points (The first time you learn a skill still costs double.)


  • Experience adjusted


  • All payouts / billstrap amounts increased.


  • Double Experience is enabled until January 1st
  • Learning skills is free until January 1st
  • Crime payouts are doubled until January 1st
  • Police Salary is doubled until January 1st
  • Legendary Rate is doubled until January 1st
  • Box from Activity rate is doubled until January 1st


  • 2021 Christmas Presents added
  • Christmas trees enabled throughout the city