When you try to join the server, the game crash

so when i tried to open the fivem and go to play into a server, then the game crash and says:

opening database (rescache:/) failed: IO error: could not lock file. does anybody else have the same problem?

Nice feature request… this should be in #technical-support moved. Where did you install your fivem and what are the permissions for that folder?

it was some youtuber who have link in dc and i downoloaded it and it Works great but now its only crashing i dont remember the folder premissions

Well you could try deleting your cache, but thinking because it says “could not lock file” it might be a permission issue… where is your fivem installed?

Also you might want to fill out the Technical Support template so we have some more info to help you.

C:\Users\samus\AppData\Local\FiveM there, do you have the same problem?

Ok don’t think that would give any permission issue, please fill out the Technical Support template then

in there everything is fine and i dont got pirate version, i bought the gta v in the steam and i have right gta v version how i can fill the template?

i have f Secure but does it block the game???

If this is some antivirus software then yes it could block stuff. try disabling

yes it is and i tried to put it off and Still not working, my crash report says too that:
crash signature: citizen resources-client.dll+7e631

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