When will we receive new guidelines and clarifications for server owners following Rockstar's acquisition?

As the title says, when will server owners receive these? Considering the high level of copyright, trademark, and other IP infringement commonplace on FiveM, when will we receive new guidelines and clarification on this now that FiveM is under/associated with Rockstar?

At the moment, we’re all using the platform with essentially no guidelines, rules, or restrictions. Besides blatant hacking being banned, almost every server is violating some real-world law, usually regarding copyright, and CFX/FiveM generally takes no action.

Considering Rockstar is a massive company interested in maintaining at least the appearance of respect for IP/Copyright, when can we expect new guidelines and rules in line with what they would expect? It’s hard for me to believe that Rockstar will be OK with servers continuing to use real-world car and clothing brands if they plan to grow/maintain an association with FiveM and modding.


I really hope this is not the beginning of the end for small servers. Definitely hope for some clarification sooner rather than later!


But FiveM policy is already aligned with R*'s… What makes you think something should change regarding this?

If there’s something wrong, flag it, report it. That’s it. Don’t jump to unjustified conclusions.

There’s a major difference between rockstar and cfx in that cfx will not enforce its policy, and claim a variety of different reasons for not doing so. Understaffed, not their own servers, etc. I’ve already been through the ticket system, and from the blatant copyright and IP infringement happening on publicly accessible and visible servers that goes on unchecked, it’s already established this is OK/unenforced.

If you genuinely believe that cfx will take action on ToS breaking behavior on their own, you are stuck in 2016.

This thread is asking for the policy now that Rockstar is in charge. If Rockstar is also going to not enforce anything, that’s fine and we should also know. I don’t want server owners to be caught randomly when cfx suddenly decides to start enforcing policies and rules they haven’t for years because Rockstar pushed them to do so.