When will there be an ACTUALLY working drift server?

Jetsons server, alphas server nor any other servers just wont work. They wont load, or they will and then they crash. Cannot spawn cars as the servers freeze. When loaded into server l get an immediate error message about maps or cars not loaded or something like that. I’ve installed everything correctly.

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@AnttiEerik They all can stream maps and car models just fine, just no car handling yet. that doesn’t mean that you can’t just go and manually download the handling files by yourself.

@Brad l have the original fivem handling.meta file installed, it works on “regular” servers where’s only the vanilla los santos but when l join a server that’s supposed to have custom drift maps l either cant join, or l can but l cant spawn cars as the game freezes or me or some other stuff that wont work eventually

huh. we may want to move this to the help section of the forums.

Takes a few tries to join, but the servers do actually work. I’ve joined them myself.

You made several posts in several topics about this. Perhaps you should contact the server admins since everything works fine, just not for you. Check out the Announcements forum for Discord, you’ll be able to find several server admins there.

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