When is redm coming?

Hello, I am looking for a server developer and a co-owner that wants to help me learn to dev so I can help them out. If you are interested just message here and ill get back to you.

My advise as a server owner/dev and leaner myself is to figure out what it is that you already know and what you want to learn. For instance I know HTML, CSS, a bit of Java Script, a bit of Lua and a ton about Visual Basic (not super relevant when it comes to FiveM). What i want to learn is how to build a configurable RP framework that allows server owners to turn on and off features from a configuration and make customizations for their needs easily without a ton of outside dependencies.

Then i reccomend you start to plan out how you would like to learn such as someone teaching you everything or if you want to get pointed in the direction of learning yourself. I took the approach of trying to get pointed in the right direction but my expecations were not fruitful so I decided that I will be my own teacher with help from the internet and it has been working out greatly.

In the case that you fail to find what you’re looking for here I highly recommend that you figure out what it is you want to learn. I recommend that if you have zero experience with anything that you start by going yo Lua.org and reading their programming with Lua section which is basically an outdated ebook on how to program with Lua. After that come back to FiveM and set up a test server on your computer and go through their setting up a server tutorial. Make sure that you follow the links to the scripting portions. When you sucessfully create your first resource take what you learned from the ebook and the tutorial and think about what you want to do. Reference the native docs on FiveM and you will be on your way.

Hello, I am Saheel clarke and i am a Beginner developer and a aspiring Server owner. I will be able to Create you a CAD And Create you a fully functional discord of your choice and Teamspeak if thats what you would like. As a co-owner i will be able to help manage the server and help. Are u able to teach me How to Install peds And cars So that we can work together. I hope that u consider me. My discord Is ChillDudeE#6837

@saheelclarke1 I would love to help you install peds add me
Zackery C.#7789

Hello, My name is Padawon I have a bit of development experience I can skin vehicles and can configure scripts. I am currently learning to create my own vehicles. Feel free to message me on discord ThePadawon#2707. I also now how to configure and I also have access to really good and rare vehicles.

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Hello im Renzah im an experienced developer looking to teach people i have owned multiple servers in the past Feel free to contact me on discord Regarding this | K A R M A |#4290

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i can help if ya need it i have been working on my sever for a year or so now but no one to run it join me in discord il show my my work https://discord.gg/MHqzFw

I need a co-owner for my community. I have unique server files that after spending hundreds of hours on, they helped me learn to code an amazing server, and I’d love to show you how I do my own work. I suck at writing from scratch in non-Lua languages, but luckily I am a natural at being able to read through scripts and files using HTML and Javascript and adjust them to my liking. I plan to major in computer science over the next few years. DM me on Discord @RacermanXtreme#4205 and here is our community server https://discord.gg/jprEnWu