Whats this crash mean

[Window Title]
FiveM Error

[Main Instruction]
FiveM has encountered an error

Recursive error: An exception occurred (c0000005 at 0x7fff4957fc71) during execution of the INIT_BEFORE_MAP_LOADED function for CScenarioManager. The game will be terminated.

If you require immediate support, please visit FiveM.net and mention the details in this window.

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[Expanded Information]
Crash signature: gta-core-five.dll+3FC71
Report ID: uploaded! (use Ctrl+C to copy)

This is a game dependency (game file) issue. If you have not already tried this follow this list…

  1. Clear FiveM Cache
  2. Verify GTA through steam
  3. Reinstall FiveM
  4. Reinstall GTA
  5. If all else fails turn off your computer and drive you knee through the monitors.
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reinstalled everything twice…it was only after the second time it cooperated lol thanks guys

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