I have just installed and updated fivereborn but when update was done it said : Are you still the one i knoooooww?!!
And closed then i tryed launching fivereborn but nothing happens. Help please?

That error simply means that the updater either failed at downloading or extracting the files for you. If you want to “force” the updater to download the files, simply open caches.xml and change the number in there to a previous one. That number that shows up is the current revision, so if it’s “4” make it “3”.

<Caches> <Cache ID="fivereborn" Version="4" /> </Caches>

To force an update you would change it to:
<Caches> <Cache ID="fivereborn" Version="3" /> </Caches>

Okay so now i can open the game and enter the servers but in every server i get red rectangle in top-left corner and i cant see other players or i get spawned under map. I tried reconnecting but it doesnt help… :frowning:

@Fowraw try a different server, I think your joining a server with a custom map.

Okay everything is great now i can play. I just need to buy another graphics card because this one doesnt give me performance i am looking for…