What will inspection be like if there are employees who do not remove vehicles and clothing?

Hello friends, I would like to understand how the new guidelines will work, given that we are not clear on what we can use and what cannot be used, it is worth remembering that after all, how will we monitor servers that do not follow the new rules? , everything is very poorly explained, and we are trying to follow the new rules, but without plausible information it is difficult to understanda

Well its cleary what u have to do.
Remove all Kind of Stuff with Real life Branding

Cars / Clothes Restaurants etc just everything with a real life brand

What is poorly explained? They’ve updated the entire TOS to clarify it and made multiple clarifications on the monthly Pulse updates.

They will be enforced by users reporting TOS violations to their support form and Cfx/Rockstar making a decision of whether it warrants additional action.

OK, so send me the link where you have this information clearly because the ones I checked don’t have anything about what is possible, they just say to use your creativity, and that you can’t use anything from the real world ¬¬