What to Exspect

Probaly one of the best servers i have ever roleplayed on especially for my first Rp server it has many many perks and no cons,the community will welcome you in,even tho it says serious rp,its all in fun and can teach u how to roleplay and learn the ways of this city,one of the most favorite things i would say to do is go speak and meat with Chief and his staff.They are probaly one of the best staff members ive seen on gta,especially if u believe in the youtube gta rp mods drama u see,TBH it isnt true most of the mods and admins do there best to help u stay in character and devolpe it.So to anyone that is new to this server or just reading comments i myself highly reccomend this server as a automatic go to for rp and unique design.So im a give a quick list of things that might make you wanna join!

-like 200 something imported vehicles
-custom city layout
-custom laws/rules
-the ability to join a live and well community without paying any money.
-all and everything is free,(for example i didnt know what to do so i became head manager of UwU Cafe)
-Simplistic Controls and UI
-Custom items and objects
-Custom Personality for ur character
-Community Events
-A Well drive motive that will drive u to want to rp more
-Mature Audience/Individuals
-Safe Natured(As in its not going to have RDMers or VDMers because they get banned in like secs)
-Very Low OOC(Of course unless u have to go pee or something ye know)
-and most importantly a Owner of the server that is down to earth and not allowed power to go to his head nor his staff members.

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