What is the new way for carcols and vehicles.meta server side

Hello all!

I have a problem with the carcols and vehicles.meta.
It works fine with addons but i can’t get it working for DLC cars (used same way as the handling)
Have I to make them client side?

Sorry for double-post, it’s fixed for carcols by client side way, but i still have a problem with vehicles.meta, it don’t works for client side (make crash, vehicle.meta is located in citizen/common/data/levels/gta5)
When i try to add in my “handling” resource folder (and add the line in __resource.lua) it just don’t works.

Same goes for all the other .meta files

this is exactly what i did, but no, it dosen’t works for carcols, vehicles, and carvariations. Only for Handling.
here is my resource.lua.

resource_manifest_version ‘77731fab-63ca-442c-a67b-abc70f28dfa5’

datafile ‘HANDLING_FILE’ ‘handling.meta’
datafile ‘VEHICLE_METADATA_FILE’ ‘vehicles.meta’
datafile ‘CARCOLS_FILE’ ‘carcols.meta’
datafile ‘VEHICLE_VARIATION_FILE’ ‘carvariations.meta’

files {

they do work, but not for replacement, addon vehicles with custom carcols etc work fine.

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yes for addons it’s perfect, i have the carcols working clientside now, but still not vehicle.meta :confused: so my vehicles make weird noises and don’t have liveries :frowning:

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