What is the best server hosting?

Hello I’m a newbie. What are the best server hosting for fivem? Besides from Zap Hosting? Thanks

OVH , worldstream
for ovh you can choose linux with some good VPS , if u have lot of players and getting ddos u need to purchase ovh gaming pro dedicated server
worldstream also provide only dedicated servers with good anti ddos protection

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noted on this thanks!

I’m also checking, servermania, aws, and google cloud? What is your comments about this?

servermania - Never heard of it, although, when I put the name in google, the first suggestion is servermania abuse :man_shrugging:

aws - This is decent, but it’s quite costly

google cloud - Also similar to AWS and costly.

Would also recommend OVH :point_up:

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secured.gg is best hosting as of now has 750gb ddos protection and way cheaper than ovh

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Will be checking on this!!! Thanks

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