WestWorld Serious Roleplay 1899



Newly Opened! As of August 20th 2022! Trying to build a population!

What sets me apart? Well this is a good question. I guess I can’t really offer you anything that is different from the other guys. I do have all the latest and greatest paid and free scripts and I can promise a fair, active, and friendly admin staff.

I would like however for you too ask yourself, if you are searching for a server because you are new to RedM or searching for a new server to build a new character; consider WestWorld. I plan to build WestWorld on quality roleplay, not quantity. So if you want a place where you can begin to truly play in a serious roleplay environment, try us.

If this sounds interesting to you, please consider checking us out and joining our discord at: Discord

Hope to see you on our server!

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This is such a phenomenal community that really cares its very welcoming and friendly I would recommend this server to anyone who is currently getting into and or playing this game

Thank you for the kind words!

WestWorld is my second home.
This is a very warm, welcoming community who embraces new players with open arms.
I started playing RedM for the first time on this server and everyone was very helpful teaching me how to play.
The owner is super friendly and quick to look into bug reports or feature requests.
I highly recommend this community to anyone, new and seasoned role players!

A very fun sever and atmosphere is great. A lot of jobs for people to do. If something should fail or break the admin gets it fixed.

Ive known and played with the server owner on other games for almost 2 years. Their passion for gaming and communities has made me a lot of the online friends I play with today and I expect nothing less in RedM. As a long time Red Dead fan I am excited to jump into RP and have some fun with this great gaming community.