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Welcome to Western Roleplay, partner! :cowboy_hat_face:

We are a new server to RedM. We started this server with the goal of bringing to light to the fascinating, exciting, and driven roleplay that we’ve seen on countless other RedM servers. Our goal is simple: To create a fun, serious roleplay-driven, exciting community that brings the simplicity of FiveM to the roleplay of RedM, and mashes them together to create the best roleplay you’ve seen yet.

So now you’re wondering, “Why should I even give you the light of day, especially compared to other servers?” Well, look down, and then click the link above…


  • Custom developers that have coded LUA, C# and designed for years to bring you the most aesthetically pleasing roleplay environment possible.
  • A staff team that was fed up with the bad environments on other servers and wanted to bring an environment where truly everyone was equal and fun.
  • A focus on Serious Roleplay, to enforce it, and to live it at all times to provide the best possible experience to each and every single player.


  • Aesthetically pleasing design and UI.
  • Fully accessible emote system with a wide variety from RD:O and GTA:O.
  • Fully interactable environment for the fullest roleplay possible. (Piano, chairs, etc)
  • Food/Water system for realism junkies.
  • Custom interiors for certain buildings which extends roleplay even further
  • SaltyChat for extensive voice quality inside the game of Western Roleplay.
  • Ingame bounty boards which police regularly update for those looking to make a living off of catchin’ criminals.
  • A custom telegram system in which a player can freely substitute the “discord” way of communication and talk to others fast and efficiently ingame.
  • Trains that travel all around the map, in which we plan to add storages, jobs, train robbing, and even more to give the player as many opportunities as possible.
  • Bathing for players who like to stay as clean as possible
  • Blackjack for those who like to roleplay as indulgent wastrels and gamble all their money away, or make it big.
  • Rob Stores, Banks, or a player! Whatever your criminal heart desires, you shall have.
  • Go to Guarma and help keep a Dictator alive, no matter the cost!
  • Tend to your horse by giving them stimulants, food, or train them to become the best in the county and in horse races where you can make hundreds of dollars.
  • Mine ores inside Annesburg mineshaft with the other miners, and deliver materials to a local contractor, or use those materials to craft weaponry in your pursuit for self-defense or criminal deeds.
  • Craft weapons using gun parts from raw materials, and become the biggest gun-runner in the state of New Hanover.
  • Chop down trees and also provide the wood you collect to a local contractor, or use them for more frivolous pursuits, or to craft weapons. You decide!
  • Save your money in our hand-crafted banking system, and wire the money to other local entrepreneurs for business.
  • Get a haircut, remove that nasty beard your girlfriend wants gone, or become a posh gentleman or gentlewoman.
  • Become a Bartender, serve drinks to local patrons, and pick up on local gossip, drama, and secrets that incomers usually trust you for zero reasons to share with.
  • Visit the Blackmarket and collect weapons, destructive items, or otherwise unscrupulous items you couldn’t normally get at just any store.
  • Create a Character using our custom character creation system, and make your character whoever you’d like him/her to be!
  • Visit the local Cinema and watch: the Bear, Ghost Story, Modern Medicine, The Secrets of Flight, and many more that are waiting for you!
  • Dress out your misses/misters with clothing on whatever you’d like, a tophat, a cowboy getup, whatever you’d like!
  • Deliver packages from the local post office to different places around the city! Get a big cash reward.
  • Fence off local items you’ve found robbing people or graverobbing and make a big profit doing so.
  • Rob graves from their past items or family heirlooms and fence them off for a big profit! Just don’t get caught by police…
  • Buy houses or apartments around the states, store items in them, and lock them up to ensure no one enters! Fix your local aboade to whatever you’d fancy it to be.
  • Hunt animals to gain money! Just visit the local butcher, and be sure not to piss him off or he’ll give you a bad deal…
  • Run our custom Moonshine system and get a big payout doing so! Be sure not to get caught by the police, it’s a BIG sentence if you do.
  • Buy a horse and deck it out with whatever you’d like, a lantern, a pack, anything. Just be sure you can afford it before you go into debt…
  • Visit the local Gun Store to get cheap deals on guns that would otherwise go to the U.S. Military. Then you can use those guns for self-defense, or other pursuits that would be much more profitable…

And many more that if we listed on here, it would basically go on and on forever! We have an active development team that is always taking suggestions for almost every feature! We plan to have everything possible here on the server.

Here at Western Roleplay, we don’t run roleplay by the admins. We run it by the players. We’ve recognized the importance of free-flowing roleplay without the interference of admins, and that’s exactly what we’ll do and stay by for the foreseeable future.

  • Run a huge gang, take control of the local city and bribe the sheriffs to turn a blind eye.
  • Become a law-abiding citizen, get to know the local populace, and become well-known in the community.
  • Become a local entrepreneur, start a business and make profits! Make friends, start an enterprise, and become the biggest company in the state(s)!
  • Run for Mayor, and control the laws of the city you’re running for! Set taxes, set quotas, create a government cabinet, and eventually become Governor for the state! Political roleplay is our specialty here.
  • Become a book-keeper, and get hired to run companies, or individuals’ books to make sure they’re turning a solid profit.
  • Become a corrupt or law-abiding sheriff, either taking bribes from the local gangs to turn a blind eye or arresting local gang members and giving them a hefty fine and sentence. Be careful not to be caught, or you’ll lose your character! You choose your path!
  • Become a doctor, reviving the local populace to make sure they’re all healthy, fit, and lean. Revive downed individuals who would otherwise be dead men.
  • Become a Bartender, learning the secrets of people who blatantly trust you, and sell those secrets to the right people. Your boss will never know, or he might be in on it…
  • Anything is a possibility for roleplay! The limits and possibilities are endless here at Western Roleplay.

What do you say? Ready to join in on the fun? All you gotta do is simply click the button below, and you’ll get access to all this and more, for free!

What are you waiting for? Come on down, and join Western Roleplay!


We are looking for more developers that know C#, LUA, HTML & CSS! (doesn’t need to be all) Interested? Contact Calloway#4110 on Discord, and you’ll be given more information. Thanks!

I have revamped the post! We are launching on 2/19/21 at 3:00PM PST, 6:00 PM EST! Come join us!

The server has exploded in popularity, and we’re garnering full servers every day! Come on down and join us!

So much has been improved since the original post. Can’t wait to see you on here!